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3 Reasons NOT to Stage your Home!

March 13, 2012

The following was written by my friend Debbie Duffy (pictured below), owner of Stage it Right, a real estate staging and redesign company serving central New Hampshire.

What is home staging?  Simply put, it is the act of preparing a residence for sale.  It can be as simple as de-cluttering, cleaning, rearranging, styling, painting, repairing, and any other cosmetic changes that are relatively inexpensive but will, hopefully, help make a property more attractive to buyers.

3 Reasons NOT to Stage your Home!
By Debbie Duffy

I have read a lot of articles that tell you why you should stage your home prior to listing it for sale.   But, in this article I’m going to take the opposite approach and share with you the top three reasons why you should NOT stage your home, and then – you guessed it – I’m going to bust those myths!

#1 – It costs too much money. 

OK, but do you know what it costs and what you get for your money when you hire a stager?  Stage it Right charges $125 to do a walk-through of your property and provide you with a written report with our recommendations.  The list includes suggestions for what you should do (immediate and easy ways to make your home show better) and things you could do.  Most items on the list will be no or low cost that you can do yourself.

#2 – The buyer can overlook the cobwebs and clutter. 

Remember the old adage, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Make sure your home is clean, clean, clean!  Get rid of unwanted and broken items and put away personal items.  If you’re still living in the property (or if it’s a vacation home that you continue to use), buy bins or baskets to store your everyday items.  Put medicines in a basket with a cover that can quickly go into the cupboard and out of sight during a showing.  Pack-up grandma’s dishes (you’re going to be moving them anyway).   Now Mr. and Mrs. Buyer will be able to see themselves making your property their new address!

#3 – If it doesn’t sell soon, then I’ll just ‘stage’ it myself.

OK, then what?  After 90 days, possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of carrying costs and a few lost potential buyers later, you finally decide to stage the property.  What have you gained by waiting?  You may have turned off a buyer before they even saw your home because they looked at the pictures on and decided, “That home isn’t for me.”

It’s a competitive real estate market.   Stage it Right can help you prepare your home to sell by making what you have look better!

Stage it Right is a real estate staging and redesign company serving central New Hampshire.  Check out their website at or on Facebook at

Debbie Duffy of Stage it Right

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