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Eastern Boarder interview with Luke Mathison

April 21, 2010

Check-out Waterville Valley ‘head shred’ Luke Mathison’s interview with Eastern Boarder:

With winter behind us and skate season in full bloom, it’s time to check in with long time EB Team rider and Waterville’s head shred Luke Mathison to see what’s cooking in the Valley.

1) So Luke..looks like another winter is in the books for Waterville Valley. Overall how do you think the season went up there?

I think we had a pretty rad season. We started off a little slow with the lack of cold temperatures and snow in November but picked up the pace real quick in December. We had a stellar line up of events like the Pre-Jib, Trans AM Back to the Boneyard and PBRJ as we always do at WV. We had a bunch of new jibs this year and the park was consistently fun.

2) Every year there are a bunch of WV Academy kids that really stand out and look like they’re on the road to the big life in the snowboarding world. Between the great park you build and Bill Enos coaching the kids, who are you seeing making the grade?

For me, I look at more then just the kids riding to set the pace. If I had to choose from this years line up, it would without a doubt be Kai Wiggins who’s only 15 and Alex Rodway. These 2 are killing it!

3) You mentioned that you just got back from Breckenridge for the Transworld Good Wood tests to me. How did that go?

The TWSnow Good Wood test was so fun. It was pretty intense actually. I had to test 11 boards a day for 5 days. We pretty much rode from 9AM till 3 or 3:30 unless we did a night shoot. The park set up at Breck was fun and the park crew built us some unique features for the after hour photo shoots.

4) How about some leaked info on what the testers were really stoked on?

I can’t tell you my favorites yet, but I will say that there are some pretty cool boards coming out next year.

5) With summer on the way what’s going on with Skate Camp up there at Waterville?

Oh man. Registrations have been pouring in. We are filling up pretty solid for being this early in the process. We have so many return campers signed up. We have been getting a ton of new campers signing up as well. If you’re reading this and need more information on camp… Go to: and check out the site.

6) Is there anything new for campers to look forward to this year?

We just resurfaced the new indoor mini with sheet metal and a fresh coat of paint. I will be sitting down with Ralph and Dana pretty soon to draw up some new stuff for the park. We aren’t doing a complete overhaul like we did last summer, but there will be some new ramps, rails and boxes for sure.

7) Anyone in particular lined up for coaching this season at camp?

It looks like we will have almost the same staff as we’ve had for the past couple years. It is still a little early to have everyone locked in. But I am looking forward to Ralph and Dana as coaches Dave Hardman and Brett Dalzel as overnights.

Sounds like another banger summer in the works at Waterville like usual..thanks for the time and info Luke.

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