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Gigi’s Last Nordic Report of the Season

April 5, 2017

March 29, 2017 was the “official” last day of the season for the Nordic Silver Streaks.  Gigi Estes, head Nordic Streak, writes about the group’s ski and end-of-season gathering.

What luck to have a good day after two miserable rainy ones. After a cold night, the temperature had risen to 39°F and the sun was out. The snow was still firm and the trails promised to be slick. At the North End, most of us snowshoed, a few Nordics walked, two Nordics used their metal edged skis and two flew by us skate-skiing. Conditions were perfect for skate-skiing! We all started up Livermore Road. The sun now had disappeared and it had begun to snow ever so lightly; it was beautiful and peaceful. The snowshoers turned around before the big hill and sought out the Big Pines Trail. We broke virgin snow leading to a stand of old, tall pines. Some looked healthy, some huge stumps were left, and one was split and blackened by lightning. Bob, our forester, said they most likely are second growth and about 200 years old, close to their life span. Looking around we saw more of these majestic trees and imagined them to be turned into masts for sailing ships.

We went for our celebration to the Larsens’ house, thank you Sandy and Bill. We miss the yurt, but not lugging supplies to Bob’s Lookout is much easier. We were joined by a few more Nordics for a total of 23, including  —  surprise  —  Shirley and Walt Stockwell! They had been active Nordics, started the celebration and are Silver Streaks Life Members. Walt read us a beautiful winter poem; I shared a story told to me by her daughter Nancy about Helene Barrington, a charter Silver Streaks Nordic, remembered by some of us.  We feasted on the delicious food we had brought. Then it was time for the champagne popping.  While Paul E was doing the first bottle, a Fed Ex worker arrived; we hollered at him to stay back so he wouldn’t be hit by the cork. It flew a good distance, as did the second one, popped by Bob. We had a third bottle popped by Paul S and that one took off! We located it in a snowbank, 15 poles and a bit more away. It translates into 62 feet. Quite a distance but not close to our record of 83’ 11” in 2010 (it had slid on ice). What fun!

Then it was awards time. The Elves Award went to Paul and Bob, always willing to help with the dishes after lunch. The Hosts Award for this year went to Sandy and Bill Larsen. Amy received the Host award for offering her home last year when we had planned to celebrate at a gazebo and it turned out to be very cold. Rookie of the Year was Paul S. Most Improved went to Deborah. Lisa received the Energizer Bunny award – she skis on and on and on at a tremendous speed. Karen had the best attendance but asked to be skipped. We had a four-way tie for second place: Sandy, Amy, Bob and Sharon. Congratulations to all.

A big thank you to everyone for the beautiful card with your kind words and generous gift. I am so touched reading the nice comments. Truly, one of the highlights of winter are those mornings outdoors together with you.

We will continue to meet unofficially as long as there is snow. Next Wednesday we meet at the usual time at the Nordic Center and have lunch together after skiing. There will be no coffee. It is snowing as I write this and the skiing promises to be fabulous.


P.S. I had planned to take more photos, especially one with Bob, Joyce and the Stockwells. Next year I will ask for a volunteer photographer. Did any of you take photos?

waterville valley silver streaks nordic

waterville valley silver streaks nordic

waterville valley silver streaks nordic

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