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Gigi’s Nordic Silver Streaks report; PLUS a surprising use for kielbasa

April 1, 2011

Following is Gigi Estes’ Nordic Silver Streaks report for Wednesday, March 30. 

Today [Wednesday, March 30] was a sunny day, 35°F, just a slight breeze, fantastic snow. What else could we ask for? Ten Nordics met and we drove to the North End.  We welcomed back Karen Lemone who had been working with students in Thailand all winter and was happy to have escaped the heat. The trail angels – the groomers – had been out during the night and it felt like skiing on beautiful packed powder. We went up Lower Osceola, then the group scattered in all directions; some turned to Moose Run and Wicked Easy, some took John Deer clockwise and others skied Upper Osceola and returned via John Deer. We all eventually met on Moose Run/Wicked Easy and skied out together; a few Nordics via Bob’s Lookout. It was so nice and warm. We all soaked up vitamin D with smiles on our faces.  Joyce joined us at our last lunch in the Nordic Center and we enjoyed our usual camaraderie. But…what was that in the corner of the room? Mountain bikes had been moved in but, they forgot to put skis underneath them.

We will keep on skiing together as long as there is snow left. Next Wednesday, April 6, please meet at the Depot parking lot at 10 a.m.  After skiing we’ll drive to Jugtown in the Town Square for lunch.

P.S. It is too early to put away your skis, especially with the new snow. However, if you must quit, here are some tips to prepare your skis for summer storage:

From Mike and Bob I learned a few things about cleaning skis. It is very important to clean and wax skis at the end of the season before storing them for the summer. There are some special cleaning fluids available at the Nordic Center. However, two household agents work just as well: WD-40 or CitraSolv. It is important to get off all the crud, especially the stuff that sticks to the bottoms in the spring. After a thorough cleaning, rub in a good layer of wax, for example F4, which will protect the surface from drying out over the summer and the skis will last longer.

Whenever the snow is sticky it is good to clean the bottom and then wax because the snow sticks more to dirty skis. Always have wax with you since the snow may be nice when you leave in the morning but then is sticky when you return after the sun has softened it.

It happened to one of our friends who was skiing the backcountry on a sunny spring day. The snow was fine in the morning, but when he skied back later in the day it was clumping under his skis. He had miles to get back to civilization. He didn’t bring any wax and was wondering what to do. All of a sudden it dawned on him that he had brought along kielbasa for lunch. He rubbed the sausage on his skis and, lo and behold, it worked.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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