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Gigi’s Silver Streaks Nordic Report

March 20, 2018

The Nordic Silver Streaks recently gathered for their end-of-season party.  The eloquent head Streak, Gigi Estes, reports.

Light snow was falling, temperature at 22°F and the wind was blowing snow devils across the pond. Six Nordics had arrived and on advice from the staff, we drove to the North End to ski Tripoli. Four more Nordics came a little later, also went to the North End, skiing Lower Osceola. Two Nordics snowshoed the Pond Trail. Tripoli had been groomed the previous day and was covered with a fresh layer of powder. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was a light patch in the sky indicating the position of the sun. The patch was getting brighter, soon the sun was almost out, then it disappeared again and it went back and forth as if someone was using a dimmer switch. Eventually no more snow and full sun. Skiing uphill warmed us up nicely and we so enjoyed the beauty surrounding us: the pristine virgin snow, the snow-laden trees, the slender stream of water in the brook bundled up in a snow cover. About two thirds up the trail it was time to turn around. What a joy ride down, the snow slowing us down just right to have full control. In conditions like these we are in heaven!

Twelve more Nordics, including Suzie’s young granddaughter, undoubtedly a future Silver Streak, joined us at the Koppel’s for a total count of 22. Special guests were Shirley and Walt Stockwell, who had started the annual celebration many years ago. Another very special guest was Karen Selden, Bob Slagle’s daughter who came from Colorado and brought her Dad who had not been with us for several weeks since his eye surgery. Welcome back, Bob. We feasted on the most delicious food. Though we all miss the party at the yurt, it is much easier to have hot dishes in a home.

Then it was time for our traditional cork popping. Bob and Paul had this honor, as always. The first pop was a dud, dropping down. The second one flew a nice distance; it measured 7¾ poles, or 35 feet and 7 inches.

Award time.  An award NOT given was the band-aid award. Luckily, so far we had no injuries this season. Let’s keep it that way! The Host of the Year Award went to Tina and Mike. We had a four-way tie for best attendance: Sandy Larsen, Karen Lemone, Gail McDonough and Deborah Wenger. The Most Improved – over many years – was Sharon Smith. She has evolved to ski so well and with confidence. New this year was a raffle. The two items were the book “Younger Next Year, The Exercise Program” (by Crowley and Lodge) and a hot wax for a pair of skis, complimentary of the Nordic Center (thank you, Ian). The two winners were Gail McDonough and Sandy Brault. Congratulations to all of you. Last, but not least, you gave me the funniest card and the most generous present, a gift card to the Common Man restaurants. Thank you so very, very much. However, the most wonderful part of being your leader is the friendship with all of you. THANK YOU. I am looking forward to another season!

This week is the official end of the Silver Streaks season. However, as in previous years, Ian is allowing the Nordics program to officially continue as long as the Nordic Center stays open.  This coming Wednesday, March 21 (spring) I will be with you, then it will be Linda or another staff member. We are flying to Germany for a family reunion and will celebrate our 55th anniversary. We are returning April 10 and I hope to ski with you on April 11. Looking forward to seeing you all this Wednesday.


P.S. I recommend highly the books “Younger Next Year” (a women’s and men’s edition available) and “Younger Next Year, The Exercise Program.” Not only are they fun to read, but they give wonderful advice how to stop and reverse the aging process. I try to follow their recommendations. They are available at the Innisfree Bookstore in Meredith. You can call, pay by credit card and have your book/s delivered to Chase Street Market in Plymouth.

Gigi shared these photos:

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