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Going to Town Square; see you in 2 hours!

August 16, 2012

Yesterday I blogged about Jugtown Country Store changing hands.  The original owner, Kevin Morse, created a store that harkened back to another era.  When the Waterville Company, master developer of Waterville Valley Resort, built the Town Square, it helped meld small-town quaint with a modern edge and heart.

While Waterville Valley’s Town Square is a far cry from Boston’s bustling Faneuil Hall, it still offers that indescribable something:  independent shops, restaurants, bars, coffee, music, theatre, art, recreation, views, energy … a sense of community … a gathering spot for residents, property owners, visitors and vacationers alike.

But.  There is a downside to Town Square.

You see, the Town Square interferes with my work.

Here’s an example:

On Monday my daughter, Jenna, stopped by my office at noon and asked me to join her for a sandwich in Town Square.  It was her last day at home and she’d be returning to college later in the day.  I popped my head into my boss’s office and told him I was heading to Town Square and would be back shortly.  He had that look of, “Sure you will.”  I should have known better.

As we walked into the square we ran into my aunt who is staying in the valley for a couple of days. We caught up for 5-10 minutes. Then my cousin and her three children appeared, two of whom were prepping their fishing poles with the help of…oh, wait, look who’s helping the boys with their bait – It’s Ray Kucharski (Waterville Valley resident, fisherman extraordinaire and author of On the Waters: The Joys of Fly-Fishing).  I chatted with my cousin and her daughter and introduced her to Ray.  She was so excited to meet him.  We ran into Jugtown to buy Ray’s book and I corralled him so he could write a personal note to my cousins’ fishing enthusiast sons.  After several more “hello” and “how are you today” exchanges with friends, Jenna and I finally made our way to the Blue Moon Cafe on the second level of Town Square. While there we chatted with several more people, including Blue Moon owner, Bob Fries.  After quickly eating our sandwiches, we descended to the Town Square courtyard and ran into and chatted with several more people I know.  We were slowly making our way through the square when I saw Betsy Bolan working at the Info Booth.  In case you don’t know, Betsy was a cast member on the reality show, Survivor: Samoa.  She placed 18th, but never should have been cast off so early in the game because she is most certainly one of the funniest people I know and she would have surely won the million dollars if only she’d been given the chance. So, we spent 20 minutes talking and laughing with Betsy before being sidetracked by a couple with three adorable dogs that we just had to meet. OK, time to go.  Whoops, nope, can’t leave.  There’s Chris Bolan, Betsy’s adorable husband.  Must stop and talk to Chris.  Oh, and there are the Notowitz’s.  And, there’s Tom Gross.  And, “Hi” to Donna Spinney and Mary Ann Rossi…

Finally, 2 hours and 20 minutes after I left for a “quick” lunch, I returned to my office.  I felt great.  I was still chuckling from a joke Betsy told us.  I was sated after eating a delicious lobster roll from Blue Moon.  The sun had put a pink glow in my cheeks.  I sat down at my desk with a smile.  Then…I saw all the work piled up.  Ugh…back to earth, Jan.

No wonder my boss doesn’t want me to go to the Post Office to pick-up the mail each day.  I’d never get any work done.

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I've been living in and loving New Hampshire's White Mountains for most of my life. I moved to Waterville Valley in 1981 and quickly realized why it was dubbed a Yankee Shangri-la. Once you’ve experienced Waterville Valley, you’ll want to call it yours. The great team of Realtors at Waterville Valley Realty can help you find a Waterville Valley home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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