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Leash Law Update

March 25, 2017

Thankfully, the majority of Waterville Valley voters voted NO on Warrant Article #11 at last week’s Town Meeting. Willow (pictured below) and Missy give a “Woof” to show their pleasure! Although I’m happy that there will not be a more restrictive leash law in the Valley, everyone should remember that there IS still a Town ordinance regarding dogs.  Read on for a message from Chief Dave Noyes of the Town of Waterville Valley’s Department of Public Safety.

waterville valley leash law

To the Waterville Valley Community:

I wanted to take the opportunity to remind the residents and guests that despite the defeat of warrant article #11 at town meeting, the town ordinance regarding dogs has not changed and is still in effect.

Apparently there was some confusion after the meeting. Town ordinance #7 has not changed. It reads:

“Pursuant to RSA 31:39, the Town of Waterville Valley acting under Warrant article #37 of the 1987 Annual Meeting held March 10, 1987, adopts the following ordinance:

I. It shall be unlawful for the owner or the keeper of a dog to allow said dog to run at large in the Town of Waterville Valley.

A. In this ordinance, “at large” means not under the control of the owner or any person by means of personal presence and attention and/or by means of physical restraint so as to control the conduct of such dog.

II. Any person authorized by the Board of Selectmen may seize, impound, or restrain any dog found in violation of this ordinance and may deliver such dog to a person or shelter authorized to board dogs. The owner of such dog shall be liable for any fees incurred.

III. Any person who violates the provisions of this ordinance shall be subject to a fine of not more than $50.00 for a first offense, and not more than $100.00 for each subsequent offense. A person may choose to pay a civil forfeiture of $25.00 to the Town Clerk within 96 hours of the time notice of violation is provided and shall thereby waive the right to be heard in district court and shall not be prosecuted for that offense. For each subsequent offense by the same person, the amount of civil forfeiture shall be $50.00. However, civil forfeiture may not be paid after three (3) offenses in one (1) year, but rather their case shall be disposed of by district court proceedings and fines.

Adopted under Article 37 at the 1987 annual Town Meeting, March 10, 1987, by a ballot vote. Yes 25 — No 16″

The Department of Public Safety will continue to enforce the ordinance as we have in the past. We ask that you contact the police for all dog-related incidents. The data illustrates that when we get involved in dog complaints, we are getting compliance with the dog ordinance.

Thank you. Responsible dog ownership starts with YOU!

>> Click to read the Town of Waterville Valley’s Dog Owner Etiquette Brochure

For more information, contact:
David Noyes
[email protected]

waterville valley police chief dave noyes

Chief Noyes

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