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Lift Progress Update

January 25, 2019

Waterville Valley Resort is posting lift maintenance updates on its blog.  Here’s what they’ve posted to date … straight from the horse’s mouth:

Green Peak:

1/24/19; 2:35pm:


Earlier this week we had an electrical engineer arrive to work on the Green Peak Triple to install a new conduit. Today our lift maintenance crew, with the help of the electrical engineer, installed the new transformer which will provide the lift with a new power source and hopefully resolve the power quality issues that we’ve been experiencing. At 5pm today we will do another full power shutdown to the mountain to continue repairs. This power shutdown will not effect Friday’s operations. Tomorrow, our private contractor, will do a test on the lift to see how the new transformer is performing. Rest assured we will continue pressing forward until this issue is resolved. Stay tuned for more updates as we move into the weekend.

1/20/19; 4:10pm
Today we were able to get Green Peak up and running for a short time on an industrial generator that was rented to us to use as a quick, temporary fix for the holiday weekend. The generator, unfortunately, had problems of its own and couldn’t pull enough power to run the lift. Tomorrow we will begin installing a new transformer, with the help of an electrical engineer and our private contractor. This will provide the lift with a new energy source that we hope will resolve the power quality issue we’ve been having. We expect this process will take a week or so to complete. Stay tuned. Rest assured that this is a high priority for Waterville Valley Resort and we are putting all efforts towards this endeavor.

1/19/19; 7:40am:
After a long and tedious night for the Lift Maintenance Team, we are one step closer to a solution to operate Green Peak. Unfortunately for us all, Green Peak Triple Chair will not operate today.


The issue is a power quality problem coming into the lift drive. The drive is the brain of the lift mechanics. The power quality coming in is causing certain components to be overwhelmed and trip sensors that prevent the drive from operating. We have been working with a specialist that is considered the best Lift Electrician in the country and he is reaching out to his long list of resources and colleagues. Luckily, he lives close by and will be on property again today with new components to work through the problem. This is a complicated problem that has stumped many of the professionals that we’ve called upon, but their dedication to finding a solution is unwavering.

On the bright side, the snow is incredible! Have fun today and keep the positive vibes flowin’!

1/18/19; 11:30am


Lift Maintenance has been working tirelessly for the past few weeks to identify a power quality problem with the Green Peak Triple lift. We were able to set a solution in motion and ran the lift without issue on Thursday. This Friday morning we experienced electrical difficulties again that will prevent Green Peak from running today. Multiple professional consultants were mobilized to be on property later this afternoon to run further tests and diagnostics. At approximately 5pm we will do a full mountain power shut down to initiate these new repairs. The Base Lodge will be put on the backup generator to continue service for any patrons still in the Freestyle Lounge. Crews will work into the night to get Green Peak up and running for Saturday morning. We will keep you up to date as progress continues. The power shut down will not have any effect on Saturday’s operations. It is simply necessary to complete the intended repairs.

Please send all your positive vibes to our amazingly dedicated Lift Maintenance team as they work toward opening Green Peak as soon as possible.

High Country T-Bar

1/19/19; 7:40am

The High Country T-Bar is in the process of the manufacturer’s inspection.  After that is completed, we will schedule a load test and inspection after the US Forest Service is operational and able to sign off on it’s operation.

Sunnyside Triple

1/19/19; 7:40am

We have less than 2 days of work to complete to have the Sunnyside lift running.  The big holdup for this lift is that we cannot schedule a load test and inspection until the US Forest Service is operational again.  Therefore, at this time, all efforts are being focused onto the Green Peak lift.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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