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Lost: Dartmouth Research Balloon in Waterville Valley

September 7, 2011

Waterville Valley’s central reservations office received an intriguing email from a professor at Dartmouth College.  Read it below…and perhaps you can help!

Waterville Valley community-
I am a professor at Dartmouth College in the Physics Dept.  Yesterday (Friday) we launched a meteorological balloon with a scientific payload on it, from Mt Washington Regional Airport, and it came down in your Waterville Valley area.  Usually we find them using a ham radio transmission and an emergency locator beacon, but this time around, both of these have failed us.

The packages are attached to a parachute, and are two boxes surrounded by styrofoam. The picture (below) shows closeups of these blue and orange boxes during parachute assembly on Friday by the students; another picture (right) shows a previous flight where the assembly landed in a tree. They mostly consist of styrofoam, AA batteries (probably dead by now), and electronics and radio transmitters, and are safe to touch. They are labelled with my name and phone number, but they could well be  hanging from a high tree.  While we can’t offer any financial reward, we can offer fame, glory, and our gratitude from the Dartmouth professors and students who would love to retrieve them.  If anyone can post this information where hikers or maintenance crew could keep an eye out for them, I would be most grateful.  We’d love to hear from anyone who thinks they might have seen it.

Our best estimate of the landing position is
43.956N, 71.571W
but it could be in a circle of a mile near this point.

Any information or questions can be sent to my email ( or my office phone (603-646-9311).  Many thanks for any way you can post this information.

Kristina A Lynch
Physics Dept, Dartmouth College
603 646 9311

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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