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Meteors over Waterville Valley

August 12, 2013

Did you look up in the sky last night? Tonight as well might feature a good display of Perseid meteors, so be sure to look up at the sky after dark!

Perseid Meteor Shower over Town Square Waterville Valley NH

Image from

Peak activity for the Perseids is, unfortunately, predicted for the daylight hours across North America, so stargazers with clear skies are encouraged to seek out the meteor display during the pre-dawn hours tomorrow – Tuesday, Aug. 13!  The absence of bright moonlight can maximize your chances of spotting a meteor.

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I've been living in and loving New Hampshire's White Mountains for most of my life. I moved to Waterville Valley in 1981 and quickly realized why it was dubbed a Yankee Shangri-la. Once you’ve experienced Waterville Valley, you’ll want to call it yours. The great team of Realtors at Waterville Valley Realty can help you find a Waterville Valley home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

2 thoughts on “Meteors over Waterville Valley

  • Deb says:

    Hi Jan! What a picture! We just left WV two weeks ago and were just saying last night that we wished we could be there to see the night sky! So nice to see this picture–almost as good as being there!

    • Jan Stearns says:

      Isn’t it a great shot, Deb?! Kudos to the local photographer, Kevin Haszard, who happened to be fiddling with his new camera and just happened to catch that image. Kevin said his friend, Chris Georgia, has a remarkable panoramic of the Aurora Borealis and Milky Way Galaxy looking over Waterville Valley from Mt. Osceola. You can check it out here:

      Thanks for stopping by!

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