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Notes from Waterville Town Review

April 30, 2013

In the current issue of the Waterville Valley Town Review newsletter, there is an update on the Stone Property Management case and a heads-up about suspicious activity at a condominium.

Stone Property Management

The Town of Waterville Valley has been getting regular updates about the Stone case from the FBI, and the investigation continues to move forward.  According to the Review, “We appreciate the frustration of associations and individuals victimized by this situation and we can assure you that Federal agents are working diligently to complete their work in gathering evidence.  The Selectmen have sent a letter to the Assistant US Attorney in an effort to get information on expected timelines for indictments or the next step.  The Selectmen will share that information with the community as soon as it becomes available.”

Suspicious Activity at/around Forest Rim Condominiums

The Review noted, “There has been an increase in suspicious activity in the area of Forest Rim Condos over the past few months.  The most recent incidents involved a person(s) “squatting” in unoccupied units.  Any suspicious activity including; someone who does not look like they “belong” in a particular place, lights on in units where there is not usually lights on, and vehicles that are not normally in the area should be reported to the Waterville Valley Police Department [603-236-8809].”

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2 thoughts on “Notes from Waterville Town Review

  • Steven Michael says:

    Jan- what’s with the recent rash of condo break ins in the valley? We’ve heard that it has impacted two different developments. What ‘a changed that this is happening?


    • Jan Stearns says:

      I understand that they were probably perpetrated by the same person(s) and since the discovery, there haven’t been any other break-ins reported. Here’s a link to a report on the Dept. of Safety’s website with some tips:

      Seems like the perp(s) was pretty brazen to do these break-ins during the busy winter season in broad daylight! Also heard that the units that were entered were easily accessed (i.e. key left in a very obvious place, simple lock with no deadbolt).

      Unfortunately, I recall that this type of thing has happened occasionally over the years I’ve been here. Many of us are very trusting and don’t even lock our doors or windows – or do so and leave a key under the plant pot! I guess it’s another reminder that we need to be more security conscious even though we live in a small, friendly, safe community.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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