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Resort Insider: June 8-July 1

June 8, 2018

The Resort Insider activities calendar is hot off the cyber press. Get the scoop on everything that’s going on in Waterville Valley from June 8-July 1.  Scroll down for the link to this week’s issue.

There’s a very cool event happening this weekend in nearby Lincoln, NH — Bones Fest XXII.  My colleague, Debbie Duffy, has a bones playing husband – Ernie.  Ernie and his protege, Sky Bartlett, have organized this year’s Bones Fest.  They will be joined by a number of rhythm bones musicians from around the country and the world for workshops, jamming and performances.

The public can see some amazing performances at Clarks Trading Post (TODAY at 11 a.m. & 2 p.m., entrance fee required) and a FREE Rhythm Bones concert on Saturday, June 9, at 7 pm at One Love Brewery in Lincoln. 

Don’t know what Rhythm Bones are? Check out this video of Ernie Duffy and Sky Bartlett playing the bones –

Bones Players Sky Bartlett and Ernie Duffy

Bones Players Sky Bartlett and Ernie Duffy

What are bones?  According to the website Rhythm Bones Central, “bones are sets of slabs or sticks, held two (or more) in each hand, and made to strike each other to make snapping and rolling sounds. Bones are one of several types of clappers, but there are also clappers which are held one in each hand and struck on on the other, and clappers which have two parts tied to a handle that strike each other, and these are not bones. The bones should not be confused with spoons, which are also clappers, or with dominoes, which are flat blocks of bone, or plastic inscribed with 1 to 12 white dots. Names such as clappers, sticks, spoons, clackers, and knicky-knackers have been subscribed to the bones. The name is derived from their original composition and nomenclature, bones. Originally rib bones of animals were used since their size and shape fit the need desired. For different sounds, tones and conveniences other materials, particularly wood are used.”

>> The Resort Insider: June 8-July 1, 2018

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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