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Town Meeting & Election Results

March 12, 2014

Waterville Valley voters visited the polls and attended the annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

Election Results

80    Margaret Turner
6    Blank
Write in:
2    Marilyn Clarkson
1    Preston Conklin
1    Debby Sullivan
1    Eric MacLeish

Town Clerk

83    Reggie Breekner
6    Blank
1    Cynthia Piekos
1    Marilyn Clarkson


51    Marilyn Clarkson
33    Kevin Saba
1    Dorothy DiBona
1    Wendy Rathgeber
1    Terry Waite

Supervisor of Checklist (6 year term)

86    Monique Lowd
4    Blank
1    Tom Gross

Supervisor of Checklist (4 year term)

Betsy Ross Herlihy

Library Trustee

Monique Lowd

Trustee of the Trust Funds

Sandra Larsen

School Board Member

84    Aggie Guilbert
5    Blank
1    Andy Knight
2    Winnie the Pooh

School Board/Treasurer

86    Deborah Sullivan
4    Blank

School District Moderator

27    Marilyn Clarkson
22    Kevin Saba
35    Blank
1    Danielle Morse
1    Dorothy DiBona
1    David Britton
1    Margaret Turner
1    Maeve Lawlor
1    Wendi Rathgeber
1    Ann Knight

Warrant Article Results

Article 2 – Public Works Garage PASSED 63/YES, 4/NO

Article 3 – $180,000 for ambulance PASSED

Article 4 – $90,000 Pedestrian Village Revitalization Study PASSED

Article 5 – $75,000 Grinder Pump PASSED

Article 6 – $50,000 Town Hall Renovations PASSED

Article 7 – $10,000 Corcoran Pond Capital Dam Reserve PASSED

Article 8 – $3,698,270 General Municipal Operations Budget PASSED

Article 9 – Article by petition for Constitutional Amendment regarding political spending on elections – split into 3 votes.  ALL PASSED

Article 10 – Reports of Agents NONE

Article 11 – Any other business: Marilyn Clarkson make a motion to take a sense of the meeting vote to see if residents would favor a revision to our current leash law.  Selectman’s Ordinance #7 would redefine the meaning of “AT LARGE” to be NOT within the private property of the owner or keeper, and NOT under their control either by leash, cord or similar type of physical connection.  PASSED  YES/27, NO/15

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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