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Trails Day

June 5, 2018

The Waterville Valley Athletic & Improvement Association (shortened to a much more manageable WVAIA) is hosting a Trails Day this Saturday, June 9.  Meet at the gazebo in Town Square by 8 a.m. to carpool to the Welch/Dickey trail head.  Trail work will be performed on the Welch Mountain Trail.  Bring lunch and water.  All tools will be provided.  Trail work will finish up by noon.

WVAIA volunteer extraordinaire, Dan Newton (pictured below), will be doing trail work on his own on WVAIA-maintained trails most every day over the next two weeks.  Help is always needed and Dan would enjoy the company.  Feel free to  join him.  Email to find out where Dan will be working.

One of my favorite photos of WVAIA president & volunteer trail worker, Dan Newton!

What is WVAIA?

In 1888, residents and visitors in Waterville formed the Waterville Athletic and Improvement Association to manage the recreational activities of Waterville.  It wasn’t called Waterville Valley back then, nor was it a ‘resort’ in the modern sense of the word.  Waterville was a haven for those looking for a respite from summer’s heat, city traffic and polluted air.

WVAIA’s mission from the beginning has been “to encourage all healthful exercise and afford facilities thereto.”  In the 21st century, WVAIA strives to preserve the spirit of the founders, continuing traditions of hiking, trail stewardship, and croquet, encouraging all to enjoy the gift of the mountains, the joy of exploration, and the beauty and simplicity of a hike in and around Waterville Valley.

When you’re out on the trails, it’s easy to forget how those trails were created and how they are maintained.  Someone (some people, actually) have worked very hard to create and maintain our beloved trails. 

Support WVAIA by becoming a member.  Make an additional monetary contribution to WVAIA’s trail maintenance efforts.  Join other WVAIA volunteers on Trail Days (no experience is necessary).  Dan Newton is always out on the trails.  Offer to accompany him and help.  You’ll learn a lot about the trails AND trail maintenance from Dan.

>> Learn more about WVAIA

Tips for being a good trail steward

I read in a Sierra Trading Post blog that as “more people are hitting the trails, that means more feet trampling delicate vegetation, more erosion, more pets scaring wildlife, more poorly planned campsites, and (it’s gross but it must be mentioned) more human and canine waste, much of which isn’t disposed of properly.” 

A Sierra Trading blog post by Kayleigh Karutis lists some tips on how to be a good trail steward and build a better trail community.  Read it here

The photos, below, were taken at WVAIA’s last Trails Day on May 5, 2018.  

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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