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Traipsing with Leadfoot

November 1, 2017

Waterville Valley resident Brenda Conklin has more than a fair share of  hiking/walking/traipsing/tramping under her belt.  She’s hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, Vermont’s Long Trail, the Camino de Santiago and most every trail in and around Waterville Valley. 

Brenda, also known by her AT trail name Leadfoot, told me that she recently hiked the 170-mile Cohos Trail in northern New Hampshire.  Her stalwart husband, Preston, found it handy to provide shuttle service for Brenda’s long day hikes which allowed her to get the job done without camping.  A lighter pack meant Leadfoot was less of a leadfoot on the Cohos Trail!

Grass doesn’t grow under Brenda’s feet.  After the Cohos Trail, she was off to Wisconsin to hike 167 miles on the Ice Age Trail for the second year.  She had previously hiked 294 miles of the Ice Age Trail, so she still has a few miles to go before she can tick that off her hiking bucket list.

I love hearing about Brenda’s hiking accomplishments and her tales from the trails.  She has been to some interesting  places – especially in Tennessee, North Caroline and Georgia – where she passed through Goose Creek, Crabtree Falls, Bully Run, Hollow Fork, Skunk Ridge, and Echo.  There were “gap” names like Sugar Run, Spivey, Devil Fork, Burningtown, Dicks Creek, Bly, Unicoi, Neel, Gooch, Carvers, Iron Mountain, Indian Grave, Fox, Wind, Lehigh, Little, Culver, Quarry, Ashby, Chester, Gravel, Reed, Rockfish, and Salt Log.  One oddity was a town in Georgia spelled Hiawassee, and its river spelled Hiwassee.

Check out some photos from Brenda’s time on the trails.

Brenda on the Cohos Trail at Coleman State Park in Pittsburg, NH.

Can you imagine climbing this fire tower?

Those are some interesting mushrooms. Would you dare eat them?

Now THIS is a beautifully crafted spider web!

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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