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Volunteer at the National Championships!

March 11, 2019

Waterville Valley is hosting two prestigious ski events this month – the U.S. Alpine Championships (March 23-26) and the U.S. Jr. National Championships (March 27-29). Having worked at the mountain during the heady days of World Cup races, I know that it takes an army of people to pull off events of this magnitude. YOUR help is needed!

Volunteer positions are still available. Here’s the thing, you do NOT have to ski or even have any special skills to help. Sure, there are ‘skill’ positions available, but regular folks like you and me can help, too.                             

Volunteer Positions (other positions are also available)

  1. Gate keepers (stationary) – 18 volunteers daily
  2. Section course crew (stationary location – intermediate skier requirement) – using wedges, drills, and fix panels in GS. – 35 volunteers daily
  3. Hand timers (using a stopwatch) – 7 volunteers daily                             
    Intermediate timing on hill – 3 volunteers daily                                                              
    Start hand timers  – 2 daily    
    Finish hand timers – 2 daily
  4. Slip crew course pull out (stationary location – intermediate skier requirement) – 5 volunteers daily

Descriptions about each role

1. Gate Keepers – You don’t have to ski – but you can ski to your station. If you aren’t a skier you will be transported to your station and provided with micro spikes to increase your traction on the hill. You will be assigned several gates to focus on during the race and asked to report any fouls (racer not passing gate correctly). A gate keeper card and apron with pencil will be provided. There will be a group orientation to review and coach on assignment requirements.

2. Course Crew – You will ski to your station on the hill. You will be assigned a specific number of gates to tend to in the event the gates are damaged, knocked out of place, or need to be replaced. Coaching will be provided prior to race time.

3. Hand Timers – Three types of hand timers are needed for each race; seven hand timers for each day. In this role you will be timing each racer with a stopwatch in one of three locations. At the start two volunteers are needed, two at the finish, and three at interim locations on the hill. You will be given a stopwatch and a radio. Your job will be to consistently record (electronically) the movement of racers in each of the locations mentioned above.  You will be part of a Timing Group, which includes a larger group of individuals. Hand timing is a back-up mechanism should the Primary A & B Electronic Systems need verification. Coaching for this role is minimal and will be provided.

4. Slip Crew Pull Out Coordinators – Requires intermediate skiing.  You will ski down to your station – one of five dispersed down the race course. You will stay stationary during the race. You will have a sign that says STOP. The slippers need to pull out of the course when they reach the 1st pull out station to let the next racer pass. They will then ski down to the next pull out location and come off the course. You direct them off the hill and watch for racers. After the racer passes, you will release the slip crew to continue slipping to the next station.

>> Sign-up to Volunteer at the U.S. Alpine or Junior Nationals

What happens after you sign-up?

Once you’ve signed up to volunteer, you will be sent information regarding orientation, parking, start times, locations for meals and your assigned volunteer supervisor.

If you need assistance signing up to volunteer or with your volunteer assignment, email Volunteer Coordinator, Greg Gill, at

Volunteers wanted for the U.S. Alpine and Junior National Championships at Waterville Valley, NH at the end of March, 2019.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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