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Warfighter Sports Vets on the Slopes

February 18, 2014

I was looking at some of the inspiring photos on Waterville Valley Adaptive Sports program’s Facebook page and saw this post from Posie:

Kathy C., Bill Hoyt, Brad, thanks to you all for a wonderful, fun-filled day at Waterville February 8th, 3 tracking and trying the monoski. Thanks for your patience, guidance and encouragement. You made this amputee very happy!! You’re the best!! What a wonderful day all in all! Can you tell I’m smiling?? Well, I am!! Thank you!! Bless you!!

According to Cindy Powell, an Adaptive Sports program volunteer and board member, over the weekend of February 8 & 9, the Adaptive program welcomed patients from Spaulding Rehab and Warfighter Sports veterans and got them out on the ski slopes!

The Warfighter Sports group brought along family and friends so they, too, could get a taste of that special Waterville Valley feeling on the mountain.  One of the men, a veteran himself, joined his Wounded Warrior friend who happened to be a very accomplished snowboarder.  Cindy wasn’t sure what this Wounded Warrior’s injuries were, but nothing slowed him down as he ripped down True Grit.

His veteran friend had lost part of his leg due to a motorcycle accident outside of active duty.  The injury occurred three years ago and he has had a rough go of it. He said he has felt terribly isolated and uncomfortable, especially letting the ladies know of the amputation.  He had snowboarded a few years before the accident, but it had been a a long time since he had tried riding. After two full days of lessons and companionship with the Waterville Valley Adaptive Sports program, this young man was fist pumping the air in the Adaptive office by late Sunday afternoon.

“YEAH, I’m BACK!” he exclaimed to the world.  He was so thrilled, so excited that these explosions kept erupting! “I’m back! After three years I am BACK!”

Cindy said the entire Adaptive Sports team was swept up in his excitement and happiness, like a fresh burst of wind, pure joy.

Email addresses were exchanged, Facebook friends requested, and slaps of high fives as this young man kept thanking his Adaptive snowboard instructors.

Yeah, he’s BACK!…and Waterville Valley’s Adaptive Sports Program can’t wait to see him here again!

Here are some images from the weekend shot by Dean Haymes.

Waterville Valley Adaptive Snow Sports Program

Waterville Valley Adaptive Snow Sports Program

Waterville Valley Adaptive Snow Sports Program

Waterville Valley Adaptive Snow Sports Program

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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