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Waterville Responds to Phase II Questions

June 19, 2017

Waterville Valley fans are abuzz!  On June 14, Waterville Valley Resort made a BIG announcement … it has secured financing to begin work on Phase II of its $7.5 million capital improvements plan that began with the Green Peak Expansion in Fall 2016. Phase II of the capital investment program will bring multi-year infrastructure upgrades and improvements throughout the resort.

There was a lot of positive feedback on the resort’s Facebook page.  One person wrote, I think the responses and questions show how engaged the community is!

Waterville Valley Resort responded with the following post on Facebook, and encourages folks to stay connected with what’s happening by checking the resort’s website.

Waterville Valley Resort’s Response to Phase II Questions

Thank you to everyone for your words of support and questions! While we are already breaking ground on some Phase II projects like Green Peak Snowmaking, other projects are still in process. We want to give you all the details as soon as possible so we are going to continue to update the Phase II page on our website and use social media to continue posting frequent and regular videos and updates as we develop more specific information for you. For example, to answer one burning question, we do have multiple options in development regarding the High Country lift, and others, and have a lot of details to shake out as we pursue multi-stage solutions that are dependent on a lot of factors. With projects of this scale and complexity, we look forward to reporting on the specifics as soon as the details are dialed in. However, we couldn’t wait to announce the significant achievement of securing the funding that will make Waterville Valley Resort’s future possible. We are committed to taking Waterville Valley to the next level and are working hard to bring that vision to life. Throughout this process, we appreciate your patience as we strive to bring progress updates and more details as soon as we have them. We look forward to continuing to answer your questions and show you what we can do, on and off the slopes, in the coming months!

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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