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Waterville Valley Exhibition Reflects Pop Culture of ’50s and ’60s

April 30, 2014

Cape Cod artists of the 1950s and 1960s form the centerpiece of an exhibit at the Rey Center Art Gallery featuring pieces from the private collection of Waterville Valley resident Chris Larsen and the late Donald Jasinksi.

“Private Collection” is made up of original works and signed limited edition prints from artists including Bill Barrell, Jack Larned, Irene Baker, Bob Beauchamp, David Hockney, Claude Gaveau, Theo Tobiasse and Frank Rampolla and is on display at the Waterville Valley gallery through Sept. 29.

Many of the pieces came from the East End Gallery in Provincetown, Mass. between 1959 and 1967. Included in the showing are still photos of many of the artists, including Jasinski, taken during the filming of “The Banquet,” curators said.

Pieces will be rotating in and out of the exhibit throughout the spring and summer.

Claude Gaveau, was born in 1940 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, into an artistic family.  By 1971 he had his first individual Parisian show and by the end of the 1970s had been discovered in America. Theo Tobiasse, who was born in 1927 in Jaffa, Israel, to Lithuanian parents, moved with his family to Paris in 1931. During the Nazi occupation of Paris from 1942 to 1944, Tobiasse and his family remained hidden in a small apartment in Paris, never venturing outdoors, never lighting a candle, never turning on a light. Theo occupied himself painting, reading and playing chess with his father. A chessboard pattern can be seen in many of Tobiasse’s paintings, symbolic of this period of time. In August 1944, when Paris was liberated, Tobiasse walked out of his apartment with a portfolio of drawings. To date, Tobiasse’s work has been viewed in galleries in New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Caracas and Tokyo.

It is said that Tobiasse is a sentimental and private person who puts his innermost thoughts and feelings into all of his works, a little secret message written in Yiddish glued to the canvas and painted over. No one will ever know the message without destroying the painting itself.

Although artist David Hockney rejected the label of “Pop” artist, he rose to success in the 1960s as a pivotal figure in the Pop Art movement.

Bill Barrell and Bob Beauchamp, both figurative expression artists, were Provincetown artists in the 60s, both showing at the East End Gallery.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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