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Waterville Valley Introduces Gateless RFID

October 11, 2017

Columbus Day Weekend’s Fall Foliage Festival allowed Waterville Valley’s biggest fans to pick up their season passes on sale and get an exclusive look at the newest innovation to hit our slopes – a new gateless RFID system.

Developed right here at Waterville Valley Resort by the Affinity team, led by Chris Bradford, it is the first system of its kind to implement passive RFID technology. No more scanners, no more gates.

Check out video from last weekend in Town Square as the Waterville Valley Resort team demonstrates the new system to season passholders.

So how does it work?

Day tickets, season passes, and even the White Mountain Superpass will all be issued on RFID cards this season. Place your ticket or pass in an unobstructed front-facing pocket (not in your wallet) and ski right onto the lift. It’s that simple. Think of it as the high-speed EZPass lane for skiing.

Not a passholder? Day tickets will also be issued on RFID cards and will require a $5 deposit. At the end of the day, return your card and get your deposit back or put it toward another purchase. Or, even better, keep your card and reload it at home. You will be able to take your own photo, connect your card to your online profile, load purchases, and go direct to the lift on your next visit. 

The Affinity team is also working on an interactive app to track your stats like number of days skied, amount of vertical, kinds of terrain, and get rewarded! The innovative new system unlocks countless opportunities. This season it will tackle direct-to-lift access to get you skiing faster, but in the future it could help ski patrol find and identify lost or injured skiers, allow you to track your progress and learn, and give you access to every resort amenity without so much as unzipping your jacket.

So how does the technology actually work?

Since it is still in the development stage, for now the “how” of the new gateless system remains part of Affinity’s “secret sauce” and is proprietary. However, stay tuned for more updates about how to use your RFID ticket or pass, what this means for skiing at Waterville Valley, and what else the team has planned for this season to take us to the Next Level.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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