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We’re going to the dogs

September 3, 2015

I must be wearing my nagging mother uniform this week.  Yesterday I reminded you to recycle, and today I’m nagging … er … writing about being a responsible dog owner.

We are a pet owning society.  According to the 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, 36.5% of American households own a dog.  That’s 43,346,000 households owning a total of 69,926,000 dogs!

I’m a dog owner.  My first “child” was a German Shepherd named Kylie.  My human kids came a few years later.  Both of my adult children now have dogs and I proudly refer to them as my grandpuppies.  We are a dog loving family; and, obviously, many of you are, too, as evidenced by the number of dogs I see in Waterville Valley on any given day.

As much as I’m a live-and-let-live-ya’ll type of gal, I want and need some dog owning rules.  So, I was thrilled to read Waterville Valley Police Chief David Noyes’s message on Facebook.  It was addressed to all of us dog owners (and I admit, I’ve had some transgressions and appreciate the reminder).

Chief Noyes wrote:

Attention Dog Owners! Be a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER! All dogs must be on a leash if they cannot obey your commands! You are in violation of the [Town] ordinance if your dog approaches somebody that does not want to be approached by a dog. It is irrelevant how “friendly” they are. An owner in control means that a dog must be able to be recalled and return to the owner before approaching a person or another dog.

We will be making better efforts to pass this information along to our transient residents and visitors. Thank you to all the other dog owners that seem to be getting it right.

The BEST way to deal with dog complaints? CALL US [at 603-236-8809]! The Police Department is tasked with enforcing the dog ordinance. Call immediately, give a description, location, and we will take care of it. Our response times are excellent (2-3 minutes on average). Give us an opportunity to educate these dog owners and get compliance with the law.

Oh! By the way, please clean up after your dog. It’s the law!

Here's my grandpuppy, Lydia!

Here’s my newest grandpuppy, Lydia!

Here's my grandpuppy, Willow!

Here’s my grandpuppy, Willow!

This is Missy, the newest addition to the Stearns family.  She's a rescue from Arkansas and we found her through New Digs for Dogs in Haverhill, NH.  Don't those eyes make you melt?!

This is Missy, the newest addition to the Stearns family. She’s a rescue from Arkansas and my husband and I  found her through New Digs for Dogs in Haverhill, NH. Don’t those eyes make you melt?! New Digs has dogs waiting for their forever home. Click on the link to learn more.

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Waterville Valley. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want to call it your own.

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