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What is up (or down) with the lifts?

January 13, 2019

Folks are asking, what’s going on with the Green Peak lift? Sunnyside?  Valley Run? High Country?  The obvious answer is a lot. From heavy, wet snow, ice and wind affecting the Valley Run lift last week, to electrical and mechanical issues. 

Waterville Valley Resort’s Marketing Director, Matt Hesser, provided the following information.

Green Peak – Green Peak Triple Chair did not operate on Saturday, Jan. 12, as the resort had hoped.  The Green Peak lift has been experiencing power quality issues.  The part that will fix the issue arrived, was installed and as of yesterday was still being worked on. This problem is very deep and they had to hire a specialty contractor to work through the issues. They hope they’ve found the solution. 

High Country T-Bar –  The T-bar is waiting on final commissioning from the manufacturer who will be here Monday, Jan. 14. Then they have to test and get certificates to operate from the resort’s insurer, the state, and the US Forest Service, which is, unfortunately,  currently closed due to the government shutdown.

Sunnyside Lift – The Sunnyside lift had a bad gearbox that was not discovered until late summer.  They have installed the gearbox and have a few alignment checks to do before they can put the chairs back on and do a load test and final inspection. Approval will again depend on the US Forest Service.

Matt said, “I hope this helps in understanding the situation and I apologize for the experiences you’ve had this season. This is not the product that we pride ourselves on and our team continues to work through identifying and problem solving, and working toward overall resort experience enhancement.”

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2 thoughts on “What is up (or down) with the lifts?

  • Joyce says:

    I don’t understand why the federal shutdown has any impact on the inspection. New Hampshire, which has about 20 resorts and 165 lifts, has full-time inspectors and a board that devotes resources to oversight of ski lifts and amusement rides.

    The state doesn’t want to rely on insurance companies for ski lift safety, said Briggs Lockwood, chief of the New Hampshire Tramway and Amusement Ride Safety Bureau. “Somebody has to show up that’s independent of a ski area and do the inspection,” he said. That independence comes from the State inspections. I don’t see anything in the law that says the federal government is involved

    • Jan Stearns says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding, Joyce. I was away for a few days. Waterville Valley Ski Resort is located on National Forest land. Consequently, the US Forest Service does require lift inspections; therefore, the federal shutdown of the USFS does impact their ability to inspect lifts.

      I did a quick Google search and found the following information. I’m sure you could find applicable rules and regulations with further searching. You can also contact Matt Hesser, Waterville Valley Ski Resort’s Marketing Director, to find out the specific regulations that the ski resort must adhere to under their Special Use Permit.

      Ski areas operating on U.S. Forest System lands must adhere to lift-related
      requirements in their special use permits. The U.S. Forest Service requires certification and
      inspection of lifts in accordance with the ANSI B77 Committee standards. Moreover, the U.S. Forest
      Service has members on the ANSI B77 Committee, and the agency monitors ski lift construction and
      operation on public land, as well as requiring high levels of insurance coverage.

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