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When do you feel the “Ahh”?

March 19, 2013

A while back a couple of us at work were talking about our “Ahh” moment. If you love Waterville Valley, I bet you’ve experienced it.

The “Ahh” moment comes when you’re on your way to Waterville Valley after being away.  It’s when you reach that point on the highway or on Route 49 and you know you’re almost home.  Your heart may flutter.  You might take a deep breath or exhale with a big sigh.  You may smile or exclaim “Yippee! I’m almost home.”  That’s the “Ahh” moment.

Some call it the “deep breath” moment.  Others may say it’s the “I need to go to the bathroom…let’s get home fast.”  Back in the day, my children would have called it the “I’m tired of riding, when are we going to be home?”  Whatever you choose to call it, I bet we can all agree that we’ve experienced it!

I don’t get out of the Valley region for much more than a grocery shopping trip to Plymouth.  This past weekend my daughter and I decided to take a road trip for a girl’s weekend in Portsmouth.  We explored downtown, shopped, dined, relaxed, giggled, walked the beach, and had a great time.

By mid-afternoon on Sunday, we were both itching to get home.  As we were driving north on Interstate 93 and nearing Exit 28, my daughter grabbed her iPhone and snapped a picture (below).  “Yay!” she exclaimed.  “We’re almost home!”

The Waterville Valley highway sign causes us to go "Ahh"

I couldn’t help but smile and asked her, “Is this your “Ahh” moment?”


I explained to her about the “Ahh” moment.  She laughed and confirmed that yes, indeed, the Exit 28 sign is the point at which she feels the “Ahh” effect.

As for me, I start to relax when I reach the New Hampton exit.  The “Ahh” moment comes with my first glimpse of our mountains.


I really know I’m home when I see the Sugar Man!


When do you feel the “Ahh” effect?!

About Jan Stearns

I've been living in and loving New Hampshire's White Mountains for most of my life. I moved to Waterville Valley in 1981 and quickly realized why it was dubbed a Yankee Shangri-la. Once you’ve experienced Waterville Valley, you’ll want to call it yours. The great team of Realtors at Waterville Valley Realty can help you find a Waterville Valley home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

2 thoughts on “When do you feel the “Ahh”?

  • Vicki Myrick says:

    When you get to exit 24 and coming down into Plymouth and you see the mountains in the distance that’s when I feel the ahh and just relax and let out a breath and think I almost there

    • Jan Stearns says:

      Agree, Vicki! New Hampton exit seems to be when the traffic thins so my grip on the steering wheel loosens. But, when I see Plymouth and the mountains on the horizon, I’m a very happy girl 🙂

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