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Wolf prints?

November 20, 2013

Back in the winter of 2010, I swear I saw a wolf run in front of my car as I was driving into Waterville Valley.  I blogged about it here and subsequently received dozens of emails – even a phone call – from readers eager to share their stories of wolf sightings throughout New Hampshire.

Just last week I received an email from Jenn that included photos of a very large paw print (below).  The prints appear to be almost as large as her hand, and Jenn wondered if they could be wolf prints.

wolf print

wolf print2

I forwarded Jenn’s email to Waterville Valley’s Police Chief, David Noyes, who is also a New Hampshire hunting and fishing guide, and asked what he thought about the prints.

Noyes replied, “Interesting pics. They appear to be very large. It is hard to say [if it’s a wolf]. There are a number of ID charts to help distinguish the two. I have attached a few (below).  Looking at the print, the toe pads seem to be very close together which would indicate to me a large domestic dog. I am not an expert, but I would guess that it was a large domestic dog, not taking into consideration the location and/or circumstances.”

What do YOU think?!

wolf prints

wolf prints2



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One thought on “Wolf prints?

  • Andy Knight says:

    Cool… though it is also worth noting that the Eastern Coyote is a recognized subspecies (believed to have cross-bred with Canadian gray wolves), and is about twice the size of the Western Coyote (in the chart above). It’s quite likely that the track above was a coyote — it looks like it is about mid-way between a western coyote and a wolf.

    I’ve seen coyotes a few times along 49, and heard them often at night. They’re really handsome creatures, about the size and build of a small German Shepherd. Here is a picture of a young female, who unfortunately was tagged by a car just outside of town in September 2012:

    Good article here about the Eastern Coyote:

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