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WTH is DTL and RFID?

January 4, 2019

Acronyms, acronyms everywhere I turn, acronyms…Especially in the modern world of social media. BRB, AFAIK, tl:dr, IRL.  I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even know what TU meant and had to Google it. 

Speaking of acronyms (SOA), I have Waterville Valley (WV) friends and family (FAF) asking me, what the heck (WTH) does DTL mean?…what is RFID?…and how in the world (HITW) do you buy and use lift tickets at WV in this modern world of DTL and RFID? 

I hope you’re LOL …  

Definition – RFID:  “Radio-frequency identification” and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured by an RFID reader via radio waves.  

Definition – DTL:  “Direct to lift” and refers to a Waterville Valley Resort guest’s ability to reload RFID cards from home (or on any device that can access the internet), which means the next time you want to ski or ride Waterville Valley, you can skip the ticket window and head straight to the lift.  

Waterville Valley offers direct to lift gateless RFID lift passes

How to purchase day tickets

If you do not already have a DTL card, you will first need to purchase a day ticket. Click here to purchase tickets. After purchasing your ticket online, you will receive a confirmation email containing your activation codes, which looks like this. 

Waterville Valley Resort offers reloadable direct to lift cards

When you get to the mountain, go to the ticket window in the base lodge to pick-up your DTL card. After you’ve picked up your card, you can register it online for reloadable ticket access and more. 

Want to ski at Waterville Valley again? Once you’re registered your card, you won’t have to wait in ticket lines, just log back in to to load/reload your DTL card for future visits to Waterville Valley.

>> Get ALL the details on reloadable DTL cards here

Now get up here and get skiing and riding Waterville Valley!

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I've been living in and loving New Hampshire's White Mountains for most of my life. I moved to Waterville Valley in 1981 and quickly realized why it was dubbed a Yankee Shangri-la. Once you’ve experienced Waterville Valley, you’ll want to call it yours. The great team of Realtors at Waterville Valley Realty can help you find a Waterville Valley home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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