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Young BBTS racer profiled in Connecticut news

October 14, 2011

I love it when Waterville Valley pops up in the news.  I just read an article online at Stonington-Mystic Patch about a 10-year-old Mystic, Connecticut girl who is being tauted as one of New England’s best youth skiers.  Guess where she trains?  You got it…Waterville Valley’s BBTS Snowsports Club!

Girl One Of New England’s Best Youth Skiers

By Larry Kelley, Stonington-Mystic Patch

When most area students are asked to list their favorite sport, responses can run the gamut.

Baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, running, tennis, swimming or perhaps golf, lacrosse, hockey, or, in this coastline community, sailing or rowing.

Those cover them all, right? Well, one Mystic Middle School sixth grader’s answer to what is her favorite sport in none of the above. Nobody will ever confuse maritime Stonington with the likes of Stowe or Stratton in Vermont or Mount Snow in New Hampshire [Note from Jan…Oops, Larry, Mount Snow is in Vermont! I bet you mean Waterville Valley!], but the streets of Mystic are home to one of New England’s top youth skiers in 10-year-old Jessie Gentilella.

“My classmates are into popular sports like baseball, soccer, baseball,” Gentilella said. “When they ask me what sport I’m into and I answer skiing, I get interesting reactions. Many think I just fool around on the slopes with my family on weekends. They don’t think skiing is a demanding sport, but they don’t realize the commitment. If they see me out there doing the slalom, they change their mind.”

Gentilella, who turns 11 later this month, has qualified for two straight New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association State Championships. She does not just show up and wing it down the hill. She has trained six years at the renowned Waterville Valley Black and Blue Trail Smashers Snow Sports Club in New Hampshire.

Read the rest of the story here.

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